Couplestrong Seminars

Are you and your spouse ready to be Couplestrong?

Strong marriages don’t just happen on their own. They happen when a couple is intentional about learning and using the skills and strategies that can help them navigate life together. 

We invite you and your spouse to come to one of our world-renowned workshops to learn what it means to be Couplestrong. You’ll see for yourself why thousands of couples worldwide have already benefited and how it can help transform your marriage too!

Couplestrong Workshops

Couplestong workshops are two-day events that help you gain new insights and learn research-based skills that can dramatically improve the connection in your relationship. This is accomplished through engaging presentations and experiential activities.

Couplestrong workshops can help you and your partner:

  • Deepen the intimacy in your relationship
  • Enhance your friendship
  • Learn to manage conflict in a healthy and positive way
  • Create shared meaning

The workshop curriculum was created by Chris Cambas and our Couplestrong staff. It is based on over 40,000 hours of face-to-face counseling in our therapy practice and 1,000+ clinical trainings with therapists worldwide. The training is grounded in what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable. In addition, it has produced positive results for over 90% of couples that attend. 

Who should attend Couplestrong Workshops?

Couplestrong workshops are geared for couples of all ages. You and your spouse can benefit from the workshop sessions whether you just walked down the aisle to say your “I dos” or you’ve been married for decades. 

This marriage seminar is right for you if you and your spouse:

  • Have a good marriage but want to learn some new skills to make it even better
  • Are starting to struggle and don’t know where you’re going wrong
  • Know things need to improve and are ready to invest in your marriage
  • Just want to have a great excuse to leave the kids with the grandparents so you can sneak away together