What Will You Do When Your Partner Stonewalls You?

You can call it the silent treatment, being frozen out, or stonewalling. It’s what happens in romantic relationships or workplace settings when someone refuses to discuss important issues. They tune you out, give you one-word answers, walk away, or change the subject. It can be especially frustrating and distressing when it happens with someone you…

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10 Tips for Taming your Ego

10 Tips for Taming Your Ego

Are you having challenges in your relationships because of your ego? Would you know it if you were? Possibly not! Your ego could be in charge without you even realizing it. There are two basic types of ego issues: 1. The arrogant ego2. The overly sensitive and easily wounded ego Neither is attractive, and both…

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Emotional Abuse Blog

How to Recognize Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship

Does your partner emotionally abuse you? Emotional abuse can be subtle and difficult to recognize. But this type of abuse can erode your feelings of self-worth and chip away at the happiness you deserve. How can you recognize the signs of abuse so you can take steps to protect yourself? Threatening Behavior An abusive person…

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Toxic Relationship

Are You in a Toxic Relationship? Beware of These Signs

You may long to be in a relationship, but not all relationships are created equal. Some relationships cause more grief than they’re worth. While being alone can be a bit of a downer, it can be preferable to being in a toxic relationship. Ask yourself if your relationship is enhancing your life or making it…

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