10 Tips for Taming Your Ego

Are you having challenges in your relationships because of your ego? Would you know it if you were? Possibly not! Your ego could be in charge without you even realizing it.

There are two basic types of ego issues:

1. The arrogant ego
2. The overly sensitive and easily wounded ego

Neither is attractive, and both are damaging. Both can lead to spending a lot of time alone, though not for the same reason.

Few people enjoy spending time with arrogant people. And, if you’re overly sensitive, you’ll tend to avoid others because nearly everyone upsets you. It’s also possible that you lash out at others too easily, and they avoid you.

Many people aren’t aware that they have an ego issue. You might have to ask a friend for a little insight.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance is having an exaggerated opinion of yourself. Confidence is having a healthy level of belief in your abilities.

If you feel that you may be experiencing negativity because of your ego, luckily, there are things you can do to take your ego down a notch, whether your ego is arrogant or sensitive.

Try these tips for taming an arrogant ego:

1. Ask yourself why. Why do you feel that you’re better than everyone else? Why do you feel the need to let everyone know how awesome you are? There are real causes for these thoughts and actions.

● Is it something from your childhood?

● Are you actually one of the best in the world at something? Even if you are, there are likely other things that you might want to improve.

2. Remember your failures. Remind yourself of the times things didn’t go your way. None of us are successful all of the time. It might be useful to remember that.

● The same goes for your weaknesses. Identify them and recognize them.

3. Consider how you appear to others and the negative impact it has on you. Arrogance isn’t something you can broadcast for free. Others hold it against you, and it does have an impact on your life. It can be costing you, both personally and professionally.

4. Give compliments to others. Remind yourself of how awesome other people can be. Look for reasons to compliment others and give them those compliments.

5. Apologize more often. Recognize when you’re wrong or inappropriate and apologize.

Tips for taming a sensitive ego:

1. Realize that it’s not always about you. Maybe someone failed to say, “Good morning,” because they had an argument with their spouse. Maybe it’s not because they dislike you.

● People do and say lots of things that actually have nothing to do with you but something to do with what’s happening in their personal life, instead.

2. Avoid being critical of yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes and fall short of perfection. Laugh at yourself. Life is short, so don’t take it too seriously.

3. Value your own opinion more and the opinions of others less. The opinions that matter are your own. If you’re happy with your life and your choices, that’s what’s important to you.

4. Notice what offends you and ask yourself why. When you feel offended or slighted, stop and ask yourself why. What specifically bothers you about what the other person said or did? What can you do to get past this?

5. Work on being your best self. Each day do one thing towards self-improvement. Strengthen one skill or build on one characteristic.

● Over time, you’ll be amazed with your greater power!

● As you actively build these talents, you’ll feel happier and more confident in general.

It can be a challenge to overcome your ego and interact with others in a more pleasant manner. Ego issues often develop early in life and may require professional help. See how much headway you can make on your own but be willing to reach out for additional help if needed. You can tame your ego!

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Chris Cambas