How Fit Are You in Your Relationship?

Physical fitness is the key to the success of famous athletes. Their physical fitness begins with a desire to be not only better than the next athlete, but to also be the best at what they do. This mindset enables them to prepare their mind as well as their bodies for success.

Being mentally ready helps them to do the requisite things, such as working out consistently to fine-tune their skills, maintaining a diet that supports their physical health, and adhering to team rules.

These are all similar to the care that should be put in to fit relationships.

Fit relationships also begin with being emotionally mature enough to give your best self. This mental preparedness means honesty and authenticity with yourself and others. These qualities allow you to be vulnerable and conscious of your emotions. They fuel a desire to love unconditionally in spite of past relationship failures.

In your relationship, your emotional fitness will help you work through the inevitable conflicts that occur from personal differences. While it may take two to Tango, it begins with the one.

This is because we have control over only our own actions.

Just as you can take steps to be more physically fit, you can also take steps to become fitter in your relationship.

Developing these traits will strengthen your fitness in your relationship:

    1. Respect. Every human being craves and deserves respect, including you. So, take it for yourself and give it freely.

    2. Loyalty. Be a true team player and “have the back” of your partner and others with whom you interrelate. Show your partner that your support is unwavering.

    3. Be a friend first. Many people credit their life-long relationships to the fact that their partner becomes their best friend. A best friend supports you with unconditional love. Doesn’t your partner deserve this too?

    4. Understanding. None of us are perfect; we come with our own unique flaws. Your partner’s uniqueness is one reason you fell in love with them. Be patient and understanding. Put yourself in their shoes. It will help you to understand their perspective.

    5. Tolerance. This is often difficult, but therein lies the beauty of who we are. Cultures, race, ethnicity, and socialization shape us and color us differently, like a rainbow. It is wise to hold off on judgments and criticisms.

    6. Kindness. A little kindness goes a long way into sweetening relationships and reminding people why they appreciate you.

    7. Trust. The key is to trust first and give your partner room for errors.

    8. Independence. Avoid depending on your partner to provide your whole life. It’s important to spend some time alone and with others. Develop some separate hobbies and build friendships. You and your partner will both benefit.

Being fit in your relationship takes courage to demonstrate your better self. It means pushing past the hurt, miscommunication, and self-love that are often misguided and damage the relationship.

A fit relationship exercises rules that push you to make wise choices and be purposeful in building a better you and a relationship that lasts.

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Chris Cambas