Life Balance Action Plan

It can be helpful to reminisce and reflect on your relationship to strengthen and reinforce your connection.

Storytelling is a great way to do this, but you may also want to write your responses in a journal and then discuss things from both perspectives.

Sit down together as a couple and answer one or two of these each evening for a week.

Discuss the following:

·      What values were important in your family growing up?

·      What do you do to grow closer together?

·      How have you managed to balance both of your priorities and your relationship?

·      What role do friends play in your relationship – good or bad?

·      What are some things that negatively affect your life as a couple and family?

·      What do you do together as a couple that strengthens your relationship?

·      How do you spend time together doing community activities?

·      What do you do to keep a balance between work, family and other priorities?

·      How is your balance now as compared to earlier times?

Daily Practice

Establish a routine for fostering your friendship and growth as a couple. Schedule regular couple time and family time, such as eating dinner together or a family game night.

Make it a habit to hug and kiss frequently! Say “I love you” at least once daily.

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Chris Cambas