Top 10 Signs You’re Marrying the Right Person

It’s not possible to know for certain that you’re marrying the right person for you. But, there are many signs that tell you that you’re marrying the wrong person. Most romantic relationships are easy and fun in the short term, but reality always comes to roost after some time has passed.

Long-term relationships are challenging even if you choose the perfect partner. Make it easier on yourself and choose wisely.

Is your relationship moving in a positive direction?

Look for these signs that this partner might be the one for you:

1. You share the same opinion regarding having children. There are many couples where one partner wants to have several children and the other doesn’t want to have any. This is a challenging issue to resolve. Save yourself and your potential spouse a lot of grief and find a partner that has the same interest in children as you do!

2. You can both be happy living in a similar environment. If one of you dreams of living in the country and can’t stand city life, it will be hard if the other only likes living in the city.

3. You’re on the same page sexually. There can be great differences in preferences regarding frequency and other sexual matters. If your preferences vary dramatically, there could be a challenge down the road.

4. You have at least a few interests that you can enjoy together. It might be camping, going to the opera, or watching the Cubs at the local sports bar. It’s important to share a few interests. Sharing pleasant experiences is important for any relationship.

5. Your partner is the one you’re most likely to go to first with good news and bad news. You know that you feel comfortable with your partner when they are the first person you reach out to. Who is the first person you call when something great or something awful happens?

6. You trust each other. Being with someone you don’t trust is stressful on you, and frustrating for your partner. A lack of trust is a good sign that you may be with the wrong person for you. Relationships need trust to thrive.

7. Your needs for affection are similar. Some people like a lot of affection. Others don’t care for it much. It can be annoying or frustrating when your partner doesn’t share your attitude on the matter.

8. You make each other a priority. That doesn’t mean either of you is the most important priority 100% of the time. However, on a general basis, you should both consistently be a high priority to the other.

9. You are good at solving disagreements. Disagreements are part of every relationship. They can ultimately strengthen your relationship or tear it apart. Strong, compatible couples are good at finding solutions that work for both parties and make the relationship stronger.

10. You help each other live their life’s purpose. What do you hope to accomplish in your life? Does your partner support that or inhibit you? If your partner is an obstacle, you’ll become resentful.

Marrying the wrong person can easily be the most challenging situation you’ll ever face. It’s important for you to take the time to evaluate your relationship.

There’s no reason to jump into a commitment that can potentially ruin your life for many years to come. Ensure that you’re committing to the right person for you. A good relationship can be the best thing that ever happens to you.

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Chris Cambas